The love for books and cycling is not essential to be a lawyer, but it helps.

Books, especially those about literature, history and philosophy, offer a great amount of ideas and knowledge, thus contributing to cleverly deal with all the social, economic and human conflicting demands arising from his legal function.

The bicycle makes us completely free from the stress coming from everyday life, customers and deadlines, and often finds ourselves thinking about solutions to handle some difficult issue.

Cycling is, therefore, to think completely freely, as reading is the possibility to live a hundred and a thousand of different lives. Cycling and reading demand a dutiful training: same kind of hard work for the lawyer to achieve excellence, earn his customer’s trust, and gain respect from the court and competitors.

Consequently, the consistent application of diligence allows the lawyer to do his best, maintaining his autonomy and independence defying the influence of opportunism and conformism. Trying to give his best performance, the lawyer involves expertise, critical sense and self-criticism, the knowledge of legal, psychological, relational and linguistic techniques. Being at his best, the lawyer shows that his job can be the best one in the world, such as the job of an artisan that, investing knowledge and commitment, creates a form of art.

“May our souls be grasped by a sacred ambition
to not content ourselves with poor things,
but to aim at the highest ones
and to strive with vim and vigor
to achieve them considering that,
by the will, it is possible”

Pico della Mirandola