Lawyer Lamberto Lambertini's Curriculum Vitae

Member of the Bar since 1977
Signed to the Register of Counsel for Defense in the Italian Supreme Court and authorized to practice before higher courts.
Expert in Corporate and Arbitration Law

Language Proficiency
Mother tongue: Italian
Other languages: French, English

1) Work Experience
Expert in Corporate and Arbitration Law.
Founder of the Legal Office Lambertini & Associates in 1985 located in Milan, Rome, Verona and Vicenza.
Founding Partner and Member of the Management Board of the Veneto’s Observatory for Corporate and Competition Law.
In 2014, the Legal Office Lambertini & Associates has received the International Recognition for Best Law Firm/M&A – Small Medium Enterprises/Italy (for corporate advisory performed alongside small and medium-sized Italian enterprises within mergers and acquisitions, particularly with regard to interventions in the capital scored in the sectors of tourism, hotel and food & beverage)

2) Management Skills in Public Administrations and Private Productive Companies

President of the Verona’s Board of the Bar Association for two mandates from 1996 to 2000.
Member of the Management Board of Belfe SpA; of Fondazione Arena; of HGM SpA, parent company of Burgo SpA; of Sansedoni Siena SpA and of Beltrame Holding SpA.
Lead independent director of Cad.It SpA, company listed to the STAR sector of Borsa Italiana SpA.
Currently member of the Management Board of SIFI SpA, TEQQO Srl, Masi Agricola SpA and vice-president of Gruppo Manni Srl.

3) Scientific and Cultural Qualifications

Editor of the “Italian Lawyers Magazine” (1991-1996)
Chairman of the District Committee established within the Venice Court of Appeal for the bar exam years 2009-2010
Commercial Law Expert at Verona’s University Law Faculty (1997-2002)
Civil Law teachings coordinator and Commercial Law Lecturer at Legal Professions Graduate School created by the University of Trento and Verona (2000-2004) Member of the Drafting Committee for the “Business Administration and Law Magazine”
“Literary Society” President of The House since 2008

4) Conventions

Rome, September 2009 – New Controls for Responsible Finance
Rome, May 2011 – Wine, Art, Cinema. How to fund Italy’s excellences.
Verona, November 2011 – Family Business Insolvency
Venice, September 2012 – Business Crisis and Company’s Continuity
Rome, June 2013 – Pacts for Development of Family Business
Verona, February 2014 – International Information Exchange and New Compliances for Foreign Assets
Verona, May 2014 – Alternative Financing for Enterprises
Verona, November 2014 – Legality’s Rating, Code of Ethics and Creditworthiness Rome, December 2014 – The Independency of Administrators, Mayors and Attestors. From who and from what?
Rome, June 2015 – Property and the Movement of Cultural Goods
Vicenza, November 2016 – Liability Exoneration for Administrators
Milan, December the 3rd 2017 – Effective Administration of Credit Institutions Verona, October 2018 – Handover of Family Business to Younger Generations: Available Instruments for the Business Owner